Bernie Thinks Trump Is To Blame For Homelessness In Blue States. He’s Wrong.

( – During the Tuesday night Democratic debate, Democratic Party frontrunner implied that the homelessness problem plaguing blue states was really caused by Donald Trump – ignoring the fact that Democratic state governments have overseen the issue for decades.

Bernie Sanders said that the roughly half a million Americans without a home should blame the president.

“Five hundred thousand people tonight are sleeping out on the street,” he said. “Including 30,000 veterans. That is not an economy that is working for the American people. That is an economy that is working for the one percent.”

But he’s wrong.

Homelessness is most prominent in Blue States and existed for decades before President Trump was elected to the highest office in the land. California is one of the best (or, worst!) examples of homelessness in the country, making up almost half of the entire homeless population of the United States. 47% of homeless people live in California where shelters are overcrowded and cannot provide enough services to assist everyone out of homelessness. The state is plagued by rough sleeping, public defecation, and crime.

And Bernie seems to think it’s Donald Trump’s fault.

Democrat-controlled New York City is another example of how left-wing policies have enabled homelessness. Donald Trump’s only claim to the city is that he was born there and built his empire there. He has had no control over the city (or state’s) politics, and after a series of Democratic governors and lawmakers, the Big Apple is now home to roughly 20% of America’s homeless population.

How is the president to blame for that?

On February 18, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich tweeted an op-ed at The Hill in which he described how the Trump administration had provided more than $1.2 billion in homelessness assistance to California alone since hiselection.

Any suggestion that the president is to blame for homelessness in America, or has not taken action, is verifiably untrue. I wonder if Bernie knows that?