Berkeley Will Rename Elementary Schools In Wake Of BLM Riots

( Two elementary schools in Berkeley, California, will receive brand new names, after local authorities and official kowtow to the demands of violent Black Lives Matter rioters and protesters. The two schools, named after Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, will be renamed to comply with BLM demands. The Berkeley Unified School District announced that alongside the name changes, they will also introduce new training to promote “racial equity” (not equality) as part of the “Black Joy Campaign.”

A local news report explained how the Washington and Jefferson Elementary schools will be renamed because the two founding fathers from whom they get their names both owned slaves.

In a press release, the Berkeley Unified School District specifically referenced the Black Lives Matter movement as a key reason behind the decision to change the name, showing that burning down buildings and committing acts of violence in the street are effective in getting local authorities to listen to you and take your demands seriously.

“Noting that Black Lives Matter protests have swept the nation as demonstrators demand justice in response to the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and far too many other Black Americans to list, the Resolution In Support of Black Lives Matter includes the following action steps,” the press release explained.

It then went on to explain how they will “Initiate a school renaming process for Jefferson and Washington Elementary Schools in accordance with the District’s policies.”

It’s important to note that the Black Joy program they discuss in the press statement focuses specifically on equity, and not equality. For those who aren’t fully up to speed with the most recent woke language, equity is about ensuring “people of color” fill the same number of positions and roles and white people. It’s not about giving people the same opportunities and it’s not about promoting meritocracy.

Instead, equity means that people are discriminated against in favor of black people.

The program will force teachers and students to undergo new training to ensure that their thinking is in line with the demands of violent rioters and radicals in the Black Lives Matter movement.