Ben Carson Asks Rioters For SOLUTIONS, Says Trump Administration Will “Listen”

( Ben Carson, the House and Urban Development Secretary who was appointed by President Donald Trump, announced on Wednesday that the Trump administration is planning a national listening tour and would like to hear solutions from those engaging in protests and riots. During an episode of Bill Hemmer Reports, Carson – who is an African American and a neurosurgeon who also ran for president in 2016 – said he sees “a lot of people have a feeling that the system is still unfair and so, obviously, we want to hear what their solutions are that are varying from the solutions that have already been brought forth.”

Carson is known for his respectful and reasonable demeanor. He was overshadowed by Trump and other larger-than-life characters in the 2016 race for that reason, but this attitude is proving a valuable asset during these difficult times. Carson managed to express the point that people feel the system is unfair despite the data showing their assertion that black men are being hunted by the police to be wrong.

“Well, we’re looking at all the various possibilities,” he added. “What is the best way to take advantage of this situation to get something good out of it, start a national dialogue, make sure that we can help to resolve some of the conflicts, that, obviously, are no good for our nation going forward.”

He also said it’s the president’s intention to be “fair to everybody.”

“We don’t want to do this in an ideological fashion,” he added.

He also explained how castigating other people and “always blaming other people for our problems” is not helpful in this situation.

“Each of us can take a look in the mirror and say, what can I do in my sphere of influence that can make a difference?” he said.

Carson also said that not every solution will come from the federal government and stressed the importance of people doing what they can to help ease the situation, pressing home the point that it is also the responsibility of rioters to think about what they can do.

“We need to move toward more self-responsibility, more caring about our neighbors, and what we can do to help them,” he said.

Once again, Ben Carson brought some calm and respect to the discussion!