AWKWARD SILENCE As Elizabeth Warrens Schmoozes Voters In NH Diner

( – Has there ever been a candidate more awkward and unlikable than Elizabeth Warren? At least Hillary Clinton elicited some kind of response when she entered a room, but Warren has just proven in New Hampshire that normal people just don’t want to talk to her.

In the run-up to the New Hampshire primary, Warren took to local diners and shops to schmooze potential voters and show her face. If you get anxiety in awkward situations, you’re going to want to go ahead and skip the following video. It is cringe-inducing.

The video, uploaded by The Hill, shows Warren entering a diner before forcing herself on a family trying to eat. After politely engaging in small talk, the family soon seemed irritated as Warren inundated them with thoroughly uninteresting questions. It reached the point that most family members refused to engage and even looked away and chatted among themselves.

Warren, realizing that they’re probably not her voters, then turned to another table where she received a similarly uninterested response.

Obviously, the clip went viral. Who wouldn’t want to watch one of the frontrunners for the Democratic nomination get completely ignored by voters?

The reception she got from the diner might also be a sign of things to come. According to the first poll released by Monmouth this year, Warren’s support in New Hampshire has dropped all the way to fourth place. She got 15% in a poll that she should have been topping, based on previous polls.

The Washington Examiner reported that her support has dropped from 27% in a previous poll, with Bernie Sanders rising from 12% to 18%. Incredibly, former Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg is now at first place and the best positioned to win the New Hampshire primary. He is even 10 points ahead of Joe Biden, the former vice president who was once considered to be a shoo-in for the petition.

Warren has a lot of diners to visit in 48 more states if she wants to start winning people over.