Audience Member Schools Bloomberg Over Gun Rights Hypocrisy

( – Have you noticed how former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is struggling to hold his own in the debates? Well, now it’s town halls, too. Even the audience members are going after him!

During a Fox News town hall held on Monday, a member of the audience schooled Bloomberg over his gun rights hypocrisy, asking, “does your life matter more than mine?”

During the event, the Democratic presidential hopeful discussed his plans for gun control laws in the United States. Audience members realized that, while advocating for fewer Americans having access to guns to defend themselves, he was walking around with an entourage of armed security.

“How do you justify pushing for more gun control when you have an armed security detail that is likely equipped with the same firearms and magazines that you seek to ban the common citizen from owning?” an audience member asked, before saying, “Does your life matter more than mine or my families or these people’s?”

The comments elicited a big response from the argument, with people cheering and heckling the presidential candidate.

Bloomberg responded by explaining the seriousness of threats made against his life, but stopped short of making a good case for why Americans should not be able to defend themselves too.

“Look, I probably get 40 or 50 threats every week and some of them are real,” he said. “That just happens when you are the mayor of New York City, or you’re very wealthy, or you’re campaigning for president of the United States, you get lots of threats.”

What about Americans who need to protect their family from burglars or violent criminals? Are those threats not very real?

Bloomberg attempted to justify his security details, describing how he pays for it all himself.

“They’re all retired police officers who are very well trained in firearms. Let me talk about firearms for a second, the Second Amendment gives you the right to bear arms, nobody is suggesting that you’re going to change the Constitution, even if you wanted to I don’t think you’d get it done. So nobody is going to take away your right to bear arms,” he added.

But that’s exactly what Bloomberg and the rest of the Democratic Party’s candidates are proposing.