Are These The Two Women Trump Is Considering For SCOTUS Nomination?

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( President Donald Trump has already confirmed that the replacement judge for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be a woman, but he has yet to confirm a name. Following the death of the legendary left-wing judge, Trump confirmed that he would be putting forward a nominee as quickly as possible and a vote will take place in the senate.

Reports suggest that the two women at the top of Trump’s list of potential nominees are Judge Barbara Lagoa from Atlanta and Judge Amy Coney Barrett from Chicago.

Speaking to a crowd of Trump supporters during a North Carolina rally on Saturday, President Donald Trump honored Ginsburg’s memory and announced that he would replace the left-wing judge with a “very talented, very brilliant woman.”

“We have numerous women on the list,” he added. “I built this incredible list of brilliant people.”

Judge Barbara Lago is 52 years old and is currently s judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. Before joining the federal bench late last year, she was the first female Hispanic member of the Florida Supreme Court. She was also confirmed in a bipartisan 80-15 vote in the Senate, meaning she has a very strong chance of being voted in by the Senate as Ginsburg’s replacement.

She is, however, older than Judge Amy Coney Barrett – though only by four years. The age of a Supreme Court Justice is always taken into consideration by the president making the nomination, to ensure that judge will be able to sit on the court for as long as possible.

Judge Barrett was previously on the list of potential nominees to replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy when he retired in June 2018. However, Brett Kavanaugh succeeded in that instance. He was then famously subject to hearings held by far-left and angry Democrats who accused him of being a gang rapist.

The 48-year-old judge sits on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and has done since October 2017. She was nominated for the position by President Trump in 2017 and left behind her role as a professor at the University of Notre Dame.

Barrett is widely considered by conservatives to be the best option as she is a devoted Catholic, a conservative, and performed well when interrogated by left-wing Senator Diane Feinstein.

President Donald Trump announced on Monday that a decision is likely to be made by Friday or Saturday.