Another Freshman Democrat Compares President Trump To Hitler

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( A freshman congressman from California recently compared President Donald Trump’s actions to that of one of the most vile figures in history — Adolf Hitler.

Democrat Harley Rouda said he’s “scared every single day we are taking one more step toward fascism.” On a call with his supporters last week, Rouda compared Trump’s political rise to Hitler’s. He said:

“[Hitler] came to power under fair, free elections. He started denigrating the press. He started denigrating minorities, talk[ing] about the need — so that the people could hear the true story — that the government needed to control the press. When you start looking at the commonalities between what we are witnessing by this president and what has transpired in dictatorships around the world, again, we should all be fearful as to the direction we’re going.”

Rouda also attacked supporters of Trump. He said they “follow and do what this president asks of them.”

The ironic part of that last statement is much of Rouda’s constituents are Republican. Rouda won his seat in 2018, and he was the first Democrat to win the 48th Congressional District in California since it was created in 1993.

In November, Rouda is up for re-election, and will face off against Michelle Steele, the supervisor of Orange County. Steele has far surpassed Rouda in fundraising efforts, bringing in $1.1 million in the second quarter compared to the incumbent’s $662,000.

Rouda is focused on trying to make sure Americans don’t forget about Hitler and the Holocaust. He has supported the Never Again Education Act, which would require the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to give out educational resources “to improve awareness and understanding of the Holocaust.”

Last May, he tweeted that “Americans’ firsthand memory of Holocaust atrocities is quickly fading.” He urged students today to learn about the Holocaust “through survivor stories.”

Other Democrats have compared Trump’s rise to that of Hitler’s. Perry Gershon, who ran for Congress from New York but lost in 2018, said he was inspired to do so because he was “struck by the parallels between the rise of Donald Trump today and the rise of Hitler back then.”

That convinced Gershon, a businessman from Long Island, to “step up and fight this wave of what could be authoritarianism. If you look at what’s happened recently, it’s sure seeming to go that way. So, I decided the best way I could fight the battle is to challenge Lee Zeldin for the office.”

In that 2018 election for the U.S. House of Representatives seat for New York District 1, Gershon lost to Zeldin 51.5% to 47.4%. He received 127,991 total votes compared to the incumbent’s 139,027.

Gershon would again try to claim that seat this spring, but he was stopped much shorter this time. In the Democratic primary, he came in a close second place. Nancy Goroff won the chance to take on Zeldin by capturing 36.1% of the vote. Gerson got 34.8%, while Bridget M. Fleming got 27.6%.