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About The Freedom Flag

If there’s one universal truth in news reporting, it’s the importance of journalistic integrity that’s free of bias, political agendas, and rampant misinformation. Our team here at The Freedom Flag is here to unite and inform our readers. We share fact-based, ethical, and honest reporting to keep you well informed.

Like you, we have a deep understanding of what patriotism means. And like you, we feel deeply devoted to American the beautiful. Our team’s mission is to protect your right to fair, unbiased, truthful information. We do that by fighting for a free press. We filter the noise, dive deep, and offer you the hard facts, every day.

Our team of writers and editors here at The Freedom Flag understand just how important our American values are to you–because they’re important to us, too. Freedom of speech, traditional family values, and freedom to worship are at the heart of who we are as American citizens. It’s our mission to expose attempts to undermine those sacred liberties. We’ll give you the information you’re looking for to protect your close-knit family unit and your home, too.

The will of the American people should always guide the government–not special interests, lobbyists, big business, secret societies, or foreign governments. Our government must be transparent, our budget balanced, and our rights protected above all else.

Here at The Freedom Flag, the editorial team combs through hundreds of news headlines every day, seeking out truths amid the lies and mainstream spin. We want to give you access to the important stories that could impact your daily life, as well as your family and your liberties. No bias, just facts.

Always feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments you may have. When you receive our emails, hit reply or email us at today(at)thefreedomflag.com. We take your feedback seriously and look forward to hearing from you.

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