A House Committee Just Held a Congressional Hearing on…Eliminating “Whiteness”

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- Social justice warriors do more than just get your favorite TV shows canceled…they have infiltrated politics. On Wednesday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee held a hearing, a real congressional hearing, on eliminating “whiteness.” Yes, really.

The hearing, which was called, “Health Care Inequality: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in COVID-19 and the Health Care System,” was held by the subcommittee on Wednesday and looked at the impact of whiteness on the U.S. health care system.

In a memo about the hearing, the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Frank Pallone claimed that studies “show that racial and ethnic minorities receive lower-quality health care even when insurance status or severity of conditions are comparable.”


The hearing included three witnesses. They were the president of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity, Avik Roy, the president of the National Medical Association, Oliver T. Brooks, MD, and a pediatrician from Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Rhea Boyd, MD.

Testimony from Rhea Boyd is controversial for a number of reasons, in part because of some alarming comments recently made by her. Even the Wall Street Journal discussed her extreme comments recently, including her pre-prepared written testimony to the committee in which she says it is an injustice that white Americans (on average!) make more money than “Latinx” and Black households. In another article, p0ublished in January this year, she even suggested eliminating whiteness.

Just take a look at what she wrote:

“This entanglement between access and scarcity, privilege and loss, means white people’s unearned advantages have always been tethered to a legacy of untold deaths. This is not the result of an emotional positioning, but a structural one. In Dying of Whiteness, Metzl intricately outlines this structural framework but too often anchors it to an emotional foundation his analysis both critiques and depends on. This is perhaps why his conclusion is to “Promote more healthy and self reflective frameworks…of structural whiteness” when the only solution is to eliminate whiteness all together.”

The Wall Street Journal published an op-ed denouncing her insane comments, and she even received some heat from fellow leftists.

And yet, Boyd was given the chance to testify before a congressional hearing…

If you’re mad enough to watch it, take a look at the video below.

It’s nearly four hours of conspiracy theories and anti-white racism.