Leaked Letter Shows How Michigan Hospital Will RATION Ventilators for Coronavirus Patients

How the Coronavirus Affects the World

(TheFreedomFlag.Com)- With a shortage of ventilators in many U.S. hospitals, medical professionals are having to come up with new ways to treat coronavirus patients. In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo has explained how hospitals are experimenting with using one ventilator for multiple patients, but in Michigan, things are a little scarier.

A leaked draft letter from one of the biggest hospitals in Michigan revealed how the hospital was forced to plan to prioritize patients “who have the best chance of getting better” if the shortage becomes dire.

The letter, which was still only a draft when it was leaked, was written by officials from the Henry Ford Health System. It was initially addressed to “patients, families and community.”

In the letter, officials describe how they have regrettably been forced to draw up criteria to guide decisions that will be made when they reach peak coronavirus infections. They explained how their limited resources, including ventilators, would be rationed.

“Patients who have the best chance of getting better are our first priority,” the letter reads. “Patients will be evaluated for the best plan of care and dying patients will be provided comfort care.”

Specifically referencing the availability of intensive care beds and ventilators, it explains, “If you (or a family member) becomes ill and your medical doctor believes that you need extra care in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or Mechanical Ventilation (breathing machine) you will be assessed for eligibility based only on your specific condition.”

According to the medical officials, some of the conditions that would make a person ineligible including having severe lung, kidney, heart, or liver failure. Sufferers of severe trauma, burns, or terminal cancers would also be ineligible.

On Thursday, Dr. Adnan Munkarah, the executive vice president and chief clinical officer at the hospital, released a statement on the leak. He confirmed that the letter was real but stressed that it only represents the “worst case scenario.”

“With a pandemic of this nature, health systems must be prepared for a worst case scenario,” he said. “Gathering the collective wisdom from across our industry, we carefully crafted our policy to provide critical guidance to healthcare workers for making difficult patient care decisions during an unprecedented emergency.”

Let’s hope our medical professionals aren’t forced to make these terrible decisions.